Tech 411 Show is Back!

I’m now doing a weekly iTunes podcast called Tech 411 Show. Oscar Santana and I use to do this show on CBS Radio 106.7 FM (WJFK) out of Washington, D.C. We teamed up with Mike O’Meara’s network (MORE Broadcasting) and will be pushing out a 30 minute show every week on iTunes.

After doing only three shows, Apple decided to feature us on the main podcast page! We immediately shot up into the Top 10 for Technology podcasts. We even hit the #1 spot a couple times which was very exciting! I’ve always been a huge fan of Leo Laporte, so seeing our show next to his was a real treat. Check out this screenshot of iTunes:

I just wanted to spread the word and let everyone know about the show. Please subscribe on iTunes so you can listen to our show every week. I do my best to recap the best in tech news and we try to make the topics easy to understand and even entertaining. That’s the real goal, learn a few things about tech while being entertained at the same time. You can find out more at our Tech 411 website and follow the show on twitter @tech411show. Thanks and please let me know what you think of the show!

2 thoughts on “Tech 411 Show is Back!

  1. Matt

    Do some research on liquipel. I use it for my iPhone &its awesome. It is in now way like wrapping my phone in cellophane.


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