Monthly Archives: August 2016

Creating a Platform to Share Relaxing Sounds

I’m excited that my company, TMSOFT, recently launched White Noise 7 and it was covered by Tech Crunch. I’ve spent the last 8 years developing the White Noise sleeping app and spent the last 2 years building a platform called the White Noise Market that will now allow users to share their own White Noise recordings and mixes.

The first question Lora Kolodny asked while interviewing me about the launch was “Doesn’t SoundCloud do this? How is it different?” I told her White Noise creates audio loops from your recordings so they can be listened to all night without interruption. If there is just a small gap in audio or something doesn’t seem smooth when the sound repeats then people will wake up. I’ve spent years building an algorithm to create a perfect audio loop and now our users can help us in creating the world’s largest collection of relaxing sounds.

As I was driving home from the office the day of the interview, I continued to think about her question. Isn’t it more than just creating the perfect audio loop? I failed to mention White Noise allows you to attach a photo and location to each recording and when you share it to the community it appears on a world map. Want to find a specific sound from your region? Now you can drill into this shared world map to discover regional sounds. I thought to myself, that’s pretty cool but is that really unique?

I thought more about what makes the platform unique. Users that post their recordings allow other users in the community to not only download them, but also to use them in their own sound creations. These new soundscapes are created by mixing multiple sounds together, changing various audio properties, and then uploading the new creation back to the White Noise Market. These shared audio loops have now become building blocks that can be assembled in different ways then published again as a completely new and unique sound. I think this process is what sets White Noise apart.

It’s not just about uploading your sound and saying, “Here it is world. Enjoy!” White Noise users will be able to build something new from other people’s sounds and from there it could really grow into something more unique. So it’s not just an audio sharing platform. It’s a platform where the content is constantly evolving and growing into something new and exciting. I think that makes the White Noise Market pretty unique.