Todd Moore

Todd Moore

Hi!  I’m probably best known for creating the White Noise apps for your smartphone which helps millions of people sleep better at night.  It’s been featured on the Dr. Oz show, Today Show, Fox & Friends, and even Jimmy Fallon made fun of it with his Axl Rose edition.

O’Reilly Media published my book Tap, Move, Shake (foreword by Steve Wozniak) that teaches you how to take your idea to the App Store.  I’ve also written for BYTE and Tech Republic.  I’ve launched over 10 mobile video games of which Compulsive and Card Counter have been the most popular. My latest creation is Playapod which improves the podcast experience on mobile devices.

I hosted the Tech 411 Radio show on 106.7 FM in Washington D.C with my good friend Oscar Santana.  We relaunched the Tech 411 show in podcast form under the Mike O’Meara network aka MORE Broadcasting.  I also competed on the reality TV show, Treasure Hunters, which aired worldwide on NBC.

I founded TMSOFT in 2008 to create apps for Apple’s App Store and quickly expanded to the Android platform.  I have also published apps for Mac OS, Windows, Apple TV, Android TV, and a few others that no longer exist (BlackBerry, Palm webOS, Nokia). I’m on the board of the Application Developers Alliance which is the voice of over 25,000 individual developers.  Prior to becoming an independent app developer, I was the chief software architect for the NetWitness security platform.  I’m on LinkedIn if you want all the extra details.

Contact me on twitter @toddmoore or Google+

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  1. Jeannine Graham

    Hello Todd,
    I read an article about you in AmericanWay and I have an idea for an app. How do I get in touch with you?

  2. ulli bodnar

    Hello Todd,

    I’m Ulli and i’m 13 years old. I have been researching iphone app creations for quite a while now… Then i came across your book in Chapters.
    I had to upgrade my mac to mountain lion so that it could run xcode but i would just like a few insporational tips on how you got started. I am very intrested in your book (even though i am still on chapter 1) and thourally enjoy it.
    Thank you for your time,
    Ulli Bodnar

  3. Vincent Cai

    Hi Todd,
    I am Vincent and I’m 12 years old. I’m interested in iOS apps so I learned from your book, and it was pretty easy. However, I was stuck with the Paddles game because there were nothing displaying on the iPhone simulator. I can’t even run the app on my iPad 3 with iOS 5.1.1, although I set the deployment target to iOS 4.3. My system is OS X 10.8.2, and the Xcode version is 4.5.2. Can I get some help? Thanks for your consideration.

  4. Nathan Wailes

    Just wanted to say that I’m really impressed with your combination of useful knowledge and ability to convey it simply. I came across your presentation “How to Get a Million Downloads” (YT: /watch?v=GxNDmOlODL8) and then watched your O’Reilly video snippets. I don’t have any Apple devices right now but if I pick one up I’ll probably be ordering your book/videos.

  5. Steven Boone

    I have been using WhiteNoiseFree and been happy until tonight when my sleep was rudely interrupted by an ad. First time this happened. I reset it and the same thing happened. So sleep interrupted twice from ads blaring forth from the app. I am on a Mac and have do not disturb set during sleep hours. What to do?

    1. todd Post author

      Sorry to hear Steven. Please contact support via Help/Send Feedback menu. It would be best to take a screenshot of the ad and the website it launched so we can block it.


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