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Todd Moore’s technology podcast “Tech 411” is available on all podcast apps including the Playapod mobile app. Tech 411 breaks down the latest technology news so everyone can understand.  Subscribe with your favorite podcast app below:

Tech 411 is taking a break from producing new episodes but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep up with Todd and his latest projects.  Follow Todd on Twitter @toddmoore.

3 thoughts on “Podcast

  1. Matt Dorsett

    Always interesting and fun I love getting the favorite apps…. I have been missing the show since mid November. When will we see a new show?

  2. Micah MacDonald

    Thanks for the review of EyeTV. I’m looking for something similar, but with a coax connection to convert what I have on my DVR to the computer. Any recommendations? Should I go USB dongle or get a graphics card instead? thanks!


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